The Dollar project ...

For some time now, our adventure has caused a lot of people to think about it.

What's going on with Dollar?

It's time to explain it to yourself in the simplest way possible.

Are you wondering why Dollar and not another brand?

The two members of the project at the base of this adventure are both from the Air Force. They began their careers in a squadron whose emblem was an Indian head and on the same basis as the famous 2/4 LAFAYETTE fighter squadron known for its Sioux head. As much to tell you the Dollar logo resonated particularly well in their minds. After learning about the history of this brand, it became clear that Dollar must not die.

Did you also ask us what we want to do?

It is actually very simple. Our goal is to tell you a story, the story of this brand that has never really disappeared. The story of this project for the 100 years of the brand.

We want to present a Dollar prototype, to follow up this story, a logical and coherent continuation.

We want to go step by step to do things calmly by thinking.

Revive a brand, yes. Produce motorcycles en masse and hope to become the new Harley, no. Our only objective is to succeed in bringing this first prototype to life. The rest will write itself, you'll see.

You told us, ok a new prototype but not electric?

We ask you to think about this, to really ask yourself the question. Who in 2020 is launching a motorcycle adventure without going through electric? At a time when everyone is converting to electric, you would like a nice thermal, we understand you… we understand you but this lacks consistency for the future. The 2023 Dollar is not the 1923 Dollar and luckily the world is moving forward, it has already forgotten Dollar once at the dock. It would be good to catch the train.

You asked us how to help us?

Thank you for your proposals, for your many requests. By dint of moving forward we have agreed one thing. Financial support in the simple sense does not really interest us, we prefer people who have knowledge who offer us to move forward with them for a common goal.


Now that you know all this, you can give your opinion on this adventure. It was important that we explain it to you as clearly as possible so that you know where we are going.